Mouse keyboard pads

Technical progress in the case of computers is becoming more and more dynamic every year. It's no wonder that so many of us are still lost in technical innovations yet unable to distinguish many of them. But today it is hard to imagine even one day of functioning without the support of these multimedia devices. Wasserman store has prepared a special offer in which you can find ergonomic mice and keyboards.

 Best mice and keyboards  from known producers - Blow . Media-Tech . Esperanza . Procter . Fantech

 Additional accessories tailored to the specific needs of the user will not only facilitate the daily use of the computer, but also improve the comfort of work. The Wasserman store's offer includes mouse-shaped mice that will protect you against wrist pain and significantly affect the user's comfort. The choice of mice usually starts with deciding whether to buy a laser or optical mouse. Laser mice are more precise than optical mice, so they are more often chosen by computer players. The mice have different resolution (value expressed in dpi) and different type of connection, i.e. wired and wireless. The mice offered for sale also have different workmanship. If you are looking for a durable and reliable mouse, pay attention to gaming mice designed for players and intended for intensive use. Another accessory for the player is a pad, Such a pad often has to endure a lot, and at the same time it significantly affects the comfort of the game. Therefore, his choice is a considerable matter. Today's controllers have come a long way, the new Esperanza gamepad is a modern device designed to support the latest games. The ergonomic, hand-shaped shape, 2 analog manipulators, 12 action buttons, 8 directional cross make it a great controller for every type of game.

Keyboard  mechanical or membrane? - Which one is better?

 Membrane keyboards used in most computers are popular and cheap. However, for gaming keyboards, a mechanical keyboard will be a much better choice. The mechanical keyboard is much more resistant to overloads. Keyboards available in our offer, those intended for players have, in addition to standard keys, a dozen or so additional ones to which we can assign specific functionalities. This is one of the more characteristic features of this type of keyboards. In our offer you will also find multimedia keyboards. They are equipped with buttons whose main task is to facilitate access to multimedia and the Internet. Thanks to them, we will refresh the website, open our browsing history or launch our favorite music player. For home use, we recommend inexpensive keyboards, classic with standard keys. When using the keyboard, no matter what the most important thing is comfort in use, so let's look for such a device that will be stable, sufficiently heavy, had high, but loose keys and those that we will like the most visually.