Good headphones are a real treat. They allow you to enjoy excellent quality sound even when there is silence around. You can listen to music or watch movies without disturbing anyone even in the middle of the night. In the Wasserman store you can find various types of headphones - designed for a variety of applications. Thanks to this invention, music can be taken anywhere. It allows us to lock ourselves in our own world and cut off from reality for a few moments. It used to be enough to choose a model offering clear sound. Today, headphones are multifunctional devices equipped with various useful functions.

Wireless headphones with radio and microphone

Today, wireless headphones are independent devices. We don't need a telephone, MP3 or radio to listen to music. They all have these functions already built in. All we have to do is put the headphones on and we can enjoy music in high quality sound. In-ear wireless headphones, in turn, will be useful while indulging in physical activities. Sports Bluetooth headphones avoid the problem of tangled cables while running or in the gym. Another function will be gaming headphones. These have a built-in microphone so that you can comfortably communicate with your companions in games. Bluetooth wireless headphones with a microphone are also useful for telephone conversations. So, as you can see, every model has other advantages and a different application.

Headphones from well-known manufacturers - Intex, Media-Tech, Blow, ART.

Headphones available in the Wasserman store are models of recognized producers. Renowned brands guarantee high quality and reliability of products. Bluetooth ART wireless headphones have a built-in microphone, making them ideal for both stationary and mobile devices. You can comfortably make phone calls through them, keeping your hands free to work at the computer. Headphones with MP3 players or wireless headphones with Intex radio allow you to enjoy music even when you don't have any other devices with you. This is an irreplaceable gadget during walks, when we want to avoid unnecessary ballast and tangled cables.