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Wireless speakers with radio

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Nowadays, we focus on mobility. Most of us have laptops, and we still use smartphones that fit in our pockets. We appreciate what is easy to move from place to place and what you can always have on hand. It is no different with audio equipment. Probably everyone has their own playlist on the phone and does not move from home without headphones. However, these often do not give the satisfaction we need. Sometimes we care about high quality sound that we can share with loved ones. Suffice it to mention barbecue parties and other social gatherings. During such occasions, portable Bluetooth speakers will be necessary. You can buy various models of such devices in the Wasserman store.

Wireless speakers with radio

It is difficult to find any disadvantages of such a device as a Bluetooth speaker with a radio. On the one hand, we can take it with us everywhere, on the other, it doesn't even require that we have any music in MP3 format. Wireless speakers with radio are equipped with powerful batteries, which allows them to work for a long time without access to electricity. Thanks to the option of receiving radio waves, you can listen to music through them, even when our phones run low or we forget to rip music to a memory card. A portable USB speaker will be useful wherever we want to listen to our favorite songs in company. This device will power any event!

Bluetooth speakers from well-known manufacturers - ART, Audiocore, Blow, Media-Tech, Ferguson, Vordon

Bluetooth speakers that can be found in the Wasserman store offer are devices from well-known and respected manufacturers. Vordon provides, among other things, a Bluetooth soundbar - reliable equipment that can be connected to any smartphone or laptop. Media-Tech, in turn, is a producer of Bluetooth boomboxes, which is associated with iconic players from the late 80s and 90s. The brand also produces attractive karaoke speakers. These will work both as entertainment for the whole family and as a variety to socialize.