Speakers and headphones

In the section devoted to all computer accessories, headphones and speakers can not be missing. Computers or laptops are not just for work, but they provide entertainment and allow us to communicate with the world. And for that you need speakers and headphones.


bluetooth speakers from well-known manufacturers - ART . Audiocore . Blow . Media-Tech . Ferguson . Vordon

Speakers available in the Wasserman store are characterized by excellent sound quality, and what is more, they look great and look great both at home and in the office. The Bluetooth soundbar is an example of one of the devices that can be connected to any smartphone or laptop. Media-Tech, in turn, is a manufacturer that supplied a Bluetooth boombox and attractive karaoke speakers to the store. We sincerely recommend the Bluetooth speaker with the radio. Wireless speakers with radio are equipped with strong batteries allowing them to work for a long time without access to electricity. And thanks to the ability to receive radio waves, we can listen to music without using our phone or memory card. In the assortment of our store you can also find devices such as waterproof Bluetooth speakers or computer speakers with a subwoofer. Small and compact ones are somewhat different equipment speakers for notebooks and computers stationary. Easy to carry and store, they guarantee clear and natural sound. The speakers work with all computers with a USB output.

Headphones from renowned manufacturers - Kruger & amp; Matz Ferguson quer . Intex , Media-Tech, Blow, ART.

They will be necessary to listen to music in more intimate conditions headphones - in-ear, with a microphone, wireless or dedicated to players, it all depends on what we need. Our wireless over-ear headphones are completely self-contained and have built-in telephone, MP3 and radio functions. Such wireless earphones will be useful when giving various sports activities. Gaming headphones, on the other hand, have a built-in microphone so that you can communicate with your colleagues. Headphones with an MP3 player or wireless headphones with an Intex radio are an irreplaceable gadget during walks, runs, wherever we do not need a tangled cable. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of headphones.