Workshop lamps

Working in a workshop often requires looking into hard-to-reach nooks and crannies and the use of many small elements. In order to perform your tasks efficiently and not to expose yourself to premature vision loss, it is worth properly illuminating the workplace. Special workshop llamas will be used for this, adapted to the conditions in the workshop and differing in power and individual properties. In our store you will find workshop lamps that project a wide beam of light, as well as allow for intense spot lighting.

Lighting for the workshop

Repairing or maintaining the undercarriage requires looking under the car and often using both hands. In such situations, a workshop torch mounted on the forehead (commonly known as "headlamp") will come in handy. This inconspicuous lamp is equipped with high-power LEDs and a movable handle, thanks to which we can adjust the angle of incidence of light. If, on the other hand, we are more interested in accurate lighting of a larger area (e.g. a table, on which we DIY the table top), then a portable standing lamp will be perfect. Such workshop lamps provide bright light with a wide beam that does not tire the eyes and provides excellent lighting even in the darkest corners of our workshop. There are also models on a tripod, if we need light coming from above (the height of the tripod is adjusted thanks to its telescopic construction).

Products from well-known manufacturers - Import, Art, Xtreme, Hogert, Dedra, Maclean, Bailong

Among the products of well-known manufacturers of workshop lighting, LED workshop lamps are distinguished, which combine the functions of a flashlight and a pendant lamp. The swivel hook allows you to hang them from the ceiling, and the magnet embedded in the housing makes it possible to attach the lamp to any metal surface. The handle is covered with rubber, thanks to which it has anti-slip properties. As a workshop lamp, this device uses 7 LEDs, while as a workshop lamp suspended in a convenient place, it shines with the power of 30 LEDs. Brand products Import are made of the highest quality materials and combine several functions. When working in the workshop, do not be in the dark - let yourself be enlightened by the products from our offer!