IP cameras

We go on vacation, leaving the house unattended for a few weeks. We go to work and we want to find out how our beloved dog or cat behaves in our absence. We are sitting in the downstairs lounge and want to keep an eye on the baby sleeping in the upstairs room. We use monitoring in each of these situations. Because cameras are no longer reserved for offices and public buildings. Today, they can be of service to anyone, helping to look after their own farm. In the Wasserman store you can buy Hikvision dome IP cameras and other reputable manufacturers.

How to choose a good IP camera for home monitoring?

The offer of the Wasserman store includes both ceiling BCS IP cameras and Hikvision outdoor IP cameras. A wide range of products allows you to choose the device to suit your needs. When choosing a camera for monitoring, we should first decide whether we want to use it indoors or out. Another very important parameter is the quality of the transmitted image. The higher it is, the more details we see on the screen of our computer or smartphone. A very important feature that you should also pay attention to is the ability to connect the camera to a wireless network. Wi-Fi Blow IP cameras transmit a clear and smooth live image from our home to the screens of our laptops and phones.

IP cameras from well-known manufacturers - Blow, Ferguson, Hikvision, BCS, Media-Tech, Overmax

The IP cameras available in the Wasserman store offer come from the assortments of well-known and reputable manufacturers. They are characterized by high functionality and innovation. With their help, you can easily observe what is happening in our home or office. Overmax rotating IP cameras, for example, function wirelessly and have a very wide adjustment range. Among other things, they offer a night mode and are equipped with a microphone and a speaker, so they can also be used as baby monitors. BCS tube IP cameras are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. They transmit high-quality images day and night. Compact Hikvision IP cameras work similarly. They offer great parameters at an affordable price.