WiFi and lan routers

With the development of technology, connecting to the Internet becomes easier. Once upon a time, you had to connect to the telephone socket, then we were limited by permanent connection cables. Today, a popular solution is the Wi-Fi network, which provides us with comfortable use of the Internet on all devices, throughout the house, and even outside of it. This opportunity is guaranteed by the wireless router. This type of device creates a fast network enabling remote connection to it and data transmission requiring high bandwidth.

Wireless Wi-Fi router

Wireless Wi-Fi router is a perfect solution dedicated to home needs. Bandwidth allows trouble-free use of the network by multiple users at the same time. The Wi-Fi router allows you to comfortably watch movies, listen to music, play online games and efficiently browse the web. Everything is done wirelessly, so you can conveniently use the network on both a desktop computer and a laptop, tablet or smartphone. USB Wi-Fi routers perfectly cope with the latest LTE standards and intuitively switch between 3G and 4G technologies.

WiFi routers from well-known manufacturers - Ubiquity, ZTE, D-link, Edimax, MikroTik, Pentagram, TP-Link

Wireless routers available in the Wasserman store are devices of well-known and respected manufacturers. They are characterized by reliability and long life. One of their biggest advantages is the favorable value for money. For example, the ZTE router has a built-in battery. Thanks to this, no power failure will cut off our home from the Internet. On the one hand, the D-link router provides a permanent network connection, and on the other it offers the possibility of connecting a broadband network access using an Ethernet cable. The Pentagram Wi-Fi router, in turn, uses the phenomenon of wave interference to amplify the signal and eliminates possible interference. Devices of this type guarantee comfort and free use of the Internet.