Anyone who plays sports is surely aware of the importance of maintaining an appropriate and constant body temperature in any training. After warming up, it's time for the right exercises - then you can't stop anymore, you have to (literally and figuratively) run to the finish line. What if the phone rings? In order not to waste time reaching into your pocket for a calling cell, you can invest in a smartwatch - a watch with a phone function, thanks to which we can answer the call by putting the watch to the ear. It is a simple and convenient solution not only for athletes.

Activity tracking bands

Smartbands are a very useful gadget. When worn on your wrist, it looks like a regular silicone wristband, but its hidden features are really impressive. Activity tracking bands work in several ranges: they measure body temperature and pulse (some models can even automatically send a request for help when the pulse is not felt), monitor sleep and calories burned, and can analyze our daily progress in the sports discipline. The system is compatible with electrical devices such as a tablet or smartphone using Bluetooth technology - the smartwatch also allows you to receive and make phone calls using the phone in the watch. The fitness band is a convenience for every runner.

Products of well-known manufacturers - Promedix, Media-Tech

Smartwatches and smartbands are easy to use devices. The touch screen and the intuitive menu make everyday use easy. The equipment connects to a smartphone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth - to calibrate it, you need the DroiHealth application, which can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. We charge the smartwatch by connecting the watch to a power source via the USB input. The bands monitoring physical activity in our store are sold in several colors - you can choose between classic black, vivid red or delicate navy blue. The variety of colors means that the bands can be easily adapted to any sports styling.