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In the pursuit of maximum miniaturization and matching devices to the needs of consumers, electronic equipment manufacturers go further than smartphones. They try to fit all phone functions in ... watches. The more and more popular smartwatches are a practical solution, enjoying above all those who lead an active lifestyle. The operation of such devices is very convenient and promotes staying in motion throughout the day. This is a great idea not only for athletes, but also people who are still on the run.

Running sports watches

In the Wasserman store you can buy innovative sports watches with a heart rate monitor. They greatly facilitate and diversify the training - jogging, cycling, fitness and many other sports. First of all, they allow you to control what happens to our body during exercise. Sports watches for running indicate, among others, the heart rate of their users, as well as their pressure or the number of calories burned. These are not the only functions of these useful devices. Above all, they should count down the time and they actually do. Sports watches with a stopwatch allow you to plan your workout accurately and precisely control its progress.

Sport watch with stopwatch

Currently smartphones often replace classic watches because they simply offer much more useful functions. We use them even during training - we use them to measure time, monitor routes traveled or organize our physical activities. It is worth remembering, however, that phones are not as durable as watches and can be much more easily damaged - especially when they are used in such difficult conditions as sport. That is why it is worth getting comfortable models on hand. The Wasserman store offers both men's sports watches and women's sports watches. They are characterized by exceptional resistance to mechanical damage, as well as to dust or accidental contact with water. It is also worth noting that they present themselves professionally - their sporty character perfectly matches the sporty style.