Watches and smartwatches

Just as the phone is no longer just for making calls, the watch is no longer just for measuring time and checking what time it is. Especially among athletes, smartwatches are gaining more and more popularity. to answer the phone without having to reach into your pocket for the receiver, but only by holding the phone to your ear. It is a convenient solution that is used not only by athletes, but also busy businessmen or drivers while driving a car.

Types of watches

When browsing the Wasserman store's offer, you will find, among others, a sports watch with a heart rate monitor, several types of smartwatches, as well as derivative products, such as a smartband, i.e. a fitness band with built-in Bluetooth (they have, among others, sleep monitoring and music playback function). Lovers of multifunctional equipment who have a flair for sports will surely be pleased with the first of these products - a sports watch with a heart rate monitor may not be particularly elegant, but it certainly matches sports clothing. In addition, it has several functions, among which we can distinguish the measurement of the heart rate, measurement of calories burned during exercise and the number of kilometers traveled - each of this information may be very valuable for people who try to live a healthy life and actively play sports.

Meet smartwatches

Smartwatches are a combination of the latest technology and functionality. Smart watches are equipped with a loudspeaker and a microphone, thanks to which they function as a phone or music player (they can be connected to wireless headphones). Smartwatches connect to Wi-Fi and allow you to use the Internet (including, for example, browsing Facebook on the watch display), have a built-in GPS system, and are also useful for athletes, because they save data on the distance traveled in their memory, measure the pulse and training progress. They visually match the latest trends, they are suitable for both sportswear and more elegant outfits. Using them is intuitive and is not a problem even for the elderly.