Other accessories

A cell phone nowadays may seem a self-sufficient device. It not only allows you to receive and send sms, phone calls, but also provides Internet access, GPS navigation, you can watch movies and listen to music on it. A standard is also a camera built into the device that allows you to take pictures and record movies of the highest quality. These are just some of the countless functions of modern phones, and some accessories are worth buying separately.

Small accessories useful for the phone

A selfie lamp is becoming an increasingly popular addition to phones. In contrast to the lamp installed in the phone, which produces a one-time, quick flash when taking a photo, the selfie ring lamp for longer illuminates the photographed object or face of the smartphone owner, and thus improves the quality of the photo. This lamp is mounted with a clip and works in several modes - so you can adjust the sharpness of lighting to the prevailing conditions. Another type of phone accessory is the 3 in 1 lens kit for smartphones and tablets. The wide-angle lens will capture the city panorama, the fisheye lens will distort the image in a rounded way, and the MACRO lens will allow you to take extremely accurate photos from very close range.

Store with phone accessories

In our store we offer you the best quality various phone accessories. In addition to the selfie lamp and special lenses, you will find in it, among other things, a Bluetooth adapter that will be connected to loudspeakers in the salon or car radio (small size will not prevent you from taking it on a journey). Thanks to it, we will be able to listen to our favorite music (which is on our phone) on the go without having to replace the radio (e.g. if it does not have a USB input, however, a Live-In input is necessary). The device has a built-in microphone. FM transmitter works similarly (compatible with all devices with jack input). This transmitter will allow you to "convert" an ordinary car radio into an MP3 player.