Phone holders

The main feature that characterizes smartphones is their multi-functionality. Today they are used not only for making calls and sending messages, as it used to be. These days, they are portable entertainment centers, "meeting places" and always open windows to the world. Numerous accessories help the devices to play all these roles, which make using them even easier and more efficient. In the Wasserman store, you can find various types of handles. They allow you to conveniently operate your smartphone, wherever you are.

Universal phone holder

The store offers universal phone holders that can be used in many different situations. They are made of solid, flexible plastic, which is responsible for their durability and functionality. An example would be car phone holders, for example when using GPS navigation. They are reliable in ensuring a stable position of the device, which allows for safe use while driving. Thanks to this, you can easily follow the route or play your favorite music files. It is also easier to answer calls. The Wasserman range also includes magnetic phone grippers, allowing the device to be mounted in the car without any clips. The smartphone is held in place by the power of magnets.

Phone holders of well-known manufacturers - Media-tech, Blow

Telephone holders available in the Wasserman offer are products of well-known and valued brands. They are provided by companies such as Blow whether Media-tech . In addition to universal phone holders, manufacturers offer fashionable monopods, known as selfie sticks. It is thanks to them that you can take the photos you dream about. You don't have to ask anyone for help - you have everything in your hands. Today you have to take into account the fact that smartphones fulfill many different functions. In order to be able to use them fully, you need to get the necessary gadgets. Handles from reputable brands will certainly help with this.


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