Cables for telephones

Although we do not want to admit it, it is impossible to deceive ourselves - nowadays we are addicted to smartphones. This state of affairs does not bother us, as these devices make our life much easier and more attractive. We can only feel sorry for the thesis that without them we would not be able to cope at all. However, when leaving the house even for two days, we take a charger with us, which nowadays often consists of a plug and a detachable USB cable. It allows us to charge the battery and enjoy uninterrupted access to the Internet and contact with loved ones. That is why in the Wasserman store you can get the necessary telephone cables that will work in many different situations.

Mini and micro USB cables for the phone

Among the USB cables for the phone are cables that can be used to charge a mobile device - for example from a computer - and transfer data. They will allow you to quickly restore the efficiency of the battery, as well as transfer multimedia files between a smartphone and, for example, a laptop or TV. USB cables have the advantage of being truly universal (they even have this word in their name: Universal Serial Bus). This makes it possible to use them for a wide range of electronic devices. Mini USB cables for the phone are characterized by one plug with a smaller size and one plug in standard sizes. The same goes for phone micro USB cables that are compatible with even smaller sockets.

USB cables for phones from well-known manufacturers - WiFisky, Blow, Ednet, Import, Media-tech

USB phone cables, available in the Wasserman store offer, come from the assortments of well-known and respected manufacturers of electronic equipment. Among the suppliers, one can mention a reputable brand Blow whether Media-tech , and WiFisky and Ednet . Cable braids, made of solid materials, provide reliable protection against mechanical damage. This guarantees the cables a long life and failure-free operation. The offer includes not only basic USB cables for the phone, but also those that will enable the connection of external media, such as hard drives or external DVD drives.