Travel adapters

Everyone who travels a lot has had to deal with a situation where, despite having a charger and access to an electric socket, it was not possible to charge the phone. All because of an incompatible plug. There are currently fourteen different types of electrical sockets in use all over the world. If the plug of our device does not match the type, it is necessary to use a travel adapter. In the Wasserman store, you can find functional accessories that offer a transition between several main types of outlet. We can handle such a gadget in virtually every corner of the Earth.

Travel adapter

Universal travel adapters are accessories necessary when traveling if you are going to one of the countries where the sockets are different than in Poland. An example may be the well-known in our country Great Britain, the United States, China, but also Italy. Standards valid in all these countries have been included in the electrical adapters available in the Wasserman store. They are small, handy devices that can be adapted to the needs of the moment. They work both ways - they will allow you to connect a Polish plug to an American socket, for example, and an American plug to a Polish socket. Travel adapters cost almost nothing and can make our trip much easier and more enjoyable.

Travel adapters from well-known manufacturers - Blow, Import

Adapters and adapters available in the Wasserman store are not only gadgets that allow you to use foreign sockets and equipment, but also accessories such as adapters and cigarette lighter plugs. These, in turn, make it possible to connect to electricity in the car equipment originally not adapted to it, as well as the use of devices dedicated to vehicles, for example in motorcycles. All these accessories come from the assortments of well-known manufacturers of electrical and electronic solutions such as Blow . A reputable brand is a guarantee of failure-free and reliable equipment, and - at least in this case - an attractive price-quality ratio.