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Today it is normal that the purchase of any phone is accompanied by the purchase of a protective film. We also buy various types of cases, which used to be not so important. All because today's ubiquitous smartphones are usually very delicate devices. One of the most common reasons for changing a model to a new one is simply a broken screen. The phone could last much longer, but a faulty touch display makes it impossible to use the equipment, and its repair is rarely profitable. That is why in the Wasserman store you can find durable tempered glass for the phone. This solution definitely increases the chances of the smartphone to survive in the event of its fall.

Tempered glass 9H and 10H for the phone

Tempered glass for phone today is a very popular method of protecting the screen of your device from scratches and cracks. The H9 category represents the ninth degree of hardness on the 10-point Mohs scale. Such glass can therefore only yield to a diamond blade. If we do not carry such a blade with the smartphone in a purse or pocket, we can be confident about its display. The protective glass for the phone also increases the chances of the screen in the event of a fall of the device. Importantly, it does not hinder the use of the smartphone - the material tightly adheres to the screen, so you can not see any difference in its touch operation.

Protective glasses for phones of well-known manufacturers - incl. iPhone, Microsoft, Samsung

The individual protective glass for the phone does not differ significantly from each other. The most important criterion for their selection is simply the smartphone model. The difference lies in the size and shape of the glass, so it is very important to choose the right variant for your device. The Wasserman online store offers, among others, protective glass for various Samsung, Sony and Microsoft models. The lenses are of high quality, thanks to which they are fully transparent. Their advantage is also a layer that prevents smudges and fingerprints. Don't hesitate and put the protective film on your phone before it's too late!