Headphones and hands-free kits

Holding the phone to your ear while driving does not pay off. This is not only fined, but can also be dangerous for us and other road users. While driving, you should be focused on driving, and your hands should be on the steering wheel (or on the gear lever) so that you have constant control over the driving vehicle. Holding the phone to your ear and focusing on the conversation can have unforeseen consequences. That is why we recommend a hands-free kit.

Car hands-free kit

Car hands-free kits not only improve driving safety, allow stress-free phone calls with both hands on the steering wheel, but also fulfill other functions. We offer several car transmitters that serve users as hands-free sets, and also allow you to listen to music stored on the phone or to MP3 from speakers connected to the car radio. The transmitter has a USB input, a micro SB card slot, an analog AUX connector, and a built-in microphone. Just plug it into the cigarette lighter socket to be able to enjoy all the functions. The Bluetooth hands-free kit is the perfect solution for anyone who cannot postpone a call.

Products from well-known manufacturers - Import, Media-Tech, Blow, Intex, Procter, Sonia, LTC, Art.

In addition to car hands-free kits, our offer also includes similar kits for all sports enthusiasts. If you cover many kilometers every day in sports shoes, you certainly know how important regularity and a constant body temperature are. This applies not only to the warm-up, but also to unplanned stops during the run. In order not to beat the rhythm of the ringing phone, and not to lose your balance when trying to answer it, we recommend investing in wireless headphones. Bluetooth headphones are a convenience that will be appreciated by every runner - thanks to them the training will take place without any obstacles, and we will find time to talk to our loved ones. Thanks to the AVRCP system, we will also be able to control music that motivates us to greater effort.