Memory cards

There are electronic devices that we don't think about unless they break down or stop working. Until the battery in the digital camera runs out, we do not think about whether it needs to be replaced or recharged. Similarly, the case with memory cards looks - we only notice them when they are full, and we can not take more photos or rip files that we want to transfer from one device to another. To avoid this, it's a good idea to have a larger capacity card or a spare copy.

Products from well-known manufacturers - GOODRAM, Kingston, Adata, Silicon Power, Team Group

Memory cards are semiconductor data carriers. We can store data on them (e.g. photos on a digital camera) or use them to transfer files from one device to another (e.g. transfer these photos from the camera to a computer). Small dimensions (24 × 32 × 2.1 mm and weight: approx. 2 grams) stand in opposition to capacity - and these are different: in our offer you will find memory cards from 4GB, through 8GB and 16 GB, up to 64GB. Phone memory cards may differ in speed class, which depends on the speed of data transfer (for example, class 4 transmits 4MB per second, and class 10 - 10MB / s). These cards are compatible with most modern equipment: digital cameras, tablets, mobile phones as well as laptops.

SD and microSD memory cards

A special kind of SD memory cards is the microSD memory card. The prefix "micro" comes from the fact that this card is even smaller in size (11 × 15 × 1 mm) than SD cards and miniSD cards (21.5 × 20 × 1.4 mm) - the latter model does not appear at all took on the market and virtually disappeared from it after only two years of existence. MicroSD memory cards in our store are sold in sets with a suitable adapter, thanks to which we will be able to use them in devices that only have SD card slots. When choosing a card, we should pay attention to capacity, as well as write speed and read speed. Appropriate parameters will make using SD and microSD memory cards a pure pleasure. A lifetime warranty applies to all cards in our offer.