Cases and cases

To paraphrase a well-known saying - "electronics must be handled like an egg". Precious electronic equipment must be protected against unfavorable weather conditions and even the smallest mechanical damage. None of us want to see a digital camera or a mobile phone shattered to pieces by our own carelessness. To prevent such unpleasant situations, covers and cases for delicate equipment have been invented.

Phone and camera covers

Cases and covers for the phone differ in the material from which they are made, and therefore have different properties. The silicone cases are light, thin and adapt to the shape of the phone thanks to their flexibility, they also protect the phone well when it accidentally falls. Polycarbonate plastic cases provide even more protection and are resistant to weather conditions (e.g. they do not turn yellow from the sun). Cases for the camera can be rigid (inside lined with a soft material so that the LCD screen is not scratched) or material, closed with a zipper. Most often they are equipped with a belt loop (they can be attached to a belt) or a lanyard (depending on the length, they can then be hung around the neck or wrist).

Products from well-known manufacturers - Blow, Natec

The primary function of the phone case and camera case is to protect your precious contents. Delicate items must be properly secured because they can be damaged in the most prosaic accident. The phone can slip out of your pocket during a normal walk and crash to the ground - thanks to the case attached to the belt or hung around the neck, this situation will simply not happen. In addition to the above-mentioned covers for the phone, our offer also includes an elegant leather case for GPS navigation with a suede lining (protecting the screen against scratches) and a magnetic closure. Products from well-known manufacturers Blow and Natec are of the highest quality and will perfectly meet your needs.