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Covers for pots or flower boxes are not only a decoration that adds charm to the plants grown in them, it also facilitates the care and optimal conditions for the development of a given plant

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Flower boxes

are very universal containers for home-grown plants. Boxes, covers or pots that will stand outside must not only be beautiful, but above all they must be resistant to weather conditions. Wood requires maintenance, so for those who do not have too much free time, rattan, ceramics or plastic will be a better solution. If we want to leave our plants outside the house for the whole year, check before buying whether the pot or casing is frost-resistant. When choosing covers or boxes, remember that we must also adapt to the size of the plant and its development possibilities. If we do not have a garden and our flowers will grow on the balcony, it is worth thinking over balustrade boxes or hanging pots. Wooden long boxes are great for planting, for example, herbs and even vegetables. Such a filled box will nicely decorate external window sills, balconies or a terrace.

 Wicker baskets Wicker

baskets and covers

are not only decorative, but also extremely practical. It can store various kinds of everyday items, cosmetics, fruit, jewelery and sweets. It fits perfectly with any decor, be it a living room, kitchen or bathroom. You have to take care of wicker so that it will serve you for many years and keep its beautiful appearance. Wasserman offers wicker in a beautiful version, such as white wicker baskets inside lined with beige fabric with gray dots. The material can be taken out for washing, so there is no fear of getting it dirty.