Decorating your home with lanterns, chains of lights is no longer reserved only for the holiday season.



are the perfect complement to many interior arrangements. The gently flickering light of the candle in the lantern beautifully emphasizes the mood and arrangement of any room. The lanterns fit not only in the living room, they also fit perfectly into the bathroom or bedroom. There is a huge selection of lanterns on the market, so everyone will find one that will perfectly match the furnishings of the apartment. At Wasserman's, we have beautiful lanterns, such as this Openwork, white metal lantern, decorated with a rich Far East ornament. After inserting the candle into it and lighting it, the light will gently scatter around it.

Christmas decorations - TeamVeovision , Procter , Tin Tours

Decorating your home for the holidays is a completely different story. This is where the decorative madness begins. Not only the Christmas tree is a Christmas decoration, candles, Christmas tree lights, glowing garlands and even laser projectors, all of these create this Christmas atmosphere for us. Christmas lights are not only small colorful spots, now we have the colors we want, blinking lights, flickering, playing. Lamps of various shapes, lengths and sizes. And we are not just talking about Christmas tree lights, the strings of large glowing balls will perfectly decorate the stair railings and even the facade of the house. We should also remember about one more place where various decorations will work perfectly. Windows on which we can create Christmas compositions and hang or set up various decorations.