shovel, brush or rake

There is no garden work without the right tools. In the Wasserman store you can stock up on everything you need for garden work. In this section you will find shafts and spars. Because shovel, brush or rake they will give nothing if there is nothing to catch them for.

Company brush handles Stalco

The durability of the tools is the basis, therefore they should be made of durable and solid materials. Such handles can be made of aluminum, plastic, metal or wood. The aluminum handles are light and corrosion-resistant. Likewise, the plastic handles are mainly used for planting small garden tools. Wooden handles are mainly used with large and heavy garden tools such as shovels, spades, rakes, hoes, forks, axes, hammers. You can buy a wide range of handles in our online store. Being outdoors will be much more pleasant when you use high-quality tools for work.

The threaded handle will provide you with the convenience of working with the tool

It is a product that complements brush to sweep the floor . It was made of beech wood. Beech wood is one of the hardest and has around 250 uses in construction and industry. Beech wood is not only very durable, but also very flexible in processing, which makes it very easy to obtain the desired shape. When shopping, pay attention to the appropriate length of the handles you choose. Remember that raking leaves or sweeping the yard is sometimes a task for a few hours and a stick that is too short can cause discomfort and back pain. When sweeping the floor in your apartment, it will also be much more comfortable when you do it in an upright position. Our handles have a classic shape and hold well in the hand. And their natural color will not conflict with the interior design of the apartment if your brush is in a visible place in the kitchen or bathroom.