Braided polypropylene ropes -

Ropes are useful. Ropes are popular. Ropes are versatile. What kind of ropes can you buy in the Wasserman store? The most frequently chosen are polypropylene ropes.

Braided polypropylene ropes - Artline . Mag-Krak . rav

Polypropylene ropes are popular not only because of their versatility, but also price, durability and variety of colors. Such ropes are used in cynology, water sports, gardening, sailing and yachting. They are great for making climbing nets and safety nets. Polypropylene ropes are resistant to acids, bases, oils, organic solvents and alcohols. In our store you can also buy steel ropes, they are used in various fields of the economy, due to their different design they are widely used, including in construction, transport, and sailing. They are used for winches and hoists and in fishery as trawl, anchor or auxiliary ropes.

Types of polypropylene ropes

Braided rope - mainly produced by braiding 16 or more strands. These strands form a twill or, more rarely, a smooth weave on the surface, and are twisted together into one whole.

Wrapped rope - consists of two parts, a core and a sheath. The inner layer is usually made of 12 strands and the cover is formed by a twist of 16-36 strips. Their high mechanical strength is not reduced by welding. Ropes made of PP are light and float on the surface. They are resistant to moisture and retain their softness even in very humid conditions.