The first step in growing is recognition.

If you have a garden, you know how important the substrate is. The development of plants depends on access to light, air temperature, humidity and nutrients that are obtained from the ground.

The first step in growing is recognition.

What kind of land do we have in the garden?

Clay soil (heavy) - rich in nutrients, unfortunately not very permeable and warms up slowly.

Sandy soil (light) - loose structure, easy to cultivate, high permeability, dry, airy but not very fertile and requires frequent irrigation;

Sandy loam soil - this is an intermediate stage between the two previous types, it contains a fairly large amount of nutrients.

In addition to the types of substrate mentioned above, we also have in Poland loamy soil . peat and lime

What land to buy for the garden? - Kronen

When buying land, let's not be guided by color. The quality of the soil is best assessed by a specialist, but we can judge the type of the pear tree ourselves. We take a large lump of moist earth in our hand and squeeze it. If it breaks up, it means the soil is sandy, if it remains compact, it means it is clayey. A lump of the best fertile soil will crack and split into several smaller pieces. You don't know how much land to buy? It depends on what plants will grow in your garden.

On the lawn - it is best to spread a 10 cm layer of fertile substrate. If we plant perennials we spread a 15-20 cm layer of humus. Shrubs and trees more fertile soil. When planting them, you need to prepare a pit twice as deep and three times wider than the root ball and then fill it with fertile soil.

Universal Earth available in our store is a high-quality and natural substrate produced on the basis of high peat with a different degree of decomposition. The soil contains a humidifier and multi-component fertilizer with microelements. It is suitable for planting, growing and transplanting many species of plants from. vegetables, fruit plants, herbs, bulbs, ornamental perennials, balcony flowers, bed and pot flowers, to the lawn.