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Your choice of vegetable seeds and select flowers before you go to the store. When you stand by the shelf, you will get dizzy and get lost in the maze of colorful packages.

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You wonder what vegetable seeds to buy? Certainly those that your family likes the most and consumes the most. Just remember that within a given species of vegetables, there will be a number of varieties of vegetable seeds to choose from, which differ in taste, cultivation requirements, ripening time and disease resistance. In our store you will find various varieties of a given vegetable. There is a lot to choose from. Our dealers who are very knowledgeable about gardening can provide advice. If you want to buy flower seeds, you can choose according to their growing requirements, flower color and height. Good advice ; Choose flower seeds with different flowering dates, then your garden will be beautiful all season long. It is also worth paying attention to an aspect other than flowering, flowers do not have to serve only as ornaments. Some of them are great pest deterrents.

Grass and fertilizers in the Wasserman store- BIOPON

Grass it's grass, and this statement is unfortunately not true. On the shelves of our store you will find sports grass, decorative grass, lawn grass. Grass species differ in terms of soil and fertilizer requirements, growth force and method of tillering, resistance to diseases and pests, as well as resistance to intense trampling. Success or failure in the end result depends on whether the composition of the grass seed mixture was properly selected. As we have already chosen, sowed and sprouted, now we need to take care of it to make it grow and green. And for that you need the right ones fertilizers . There are many of these in our store. Depending on what you want to fertilize, be it a flower, vegetable or grass, we will help you choose the most appropriate fertilizer.