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In our store, in the Garden section, you will find everything you need to properly take care of the garden or the surroundings of the house. There are hand tools as well as electric or battery powered tools. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

Garden equipment manufacturers in the Wasserman store- Geko . Dedra . Powermat . Stihl . John Gardener

You will find pumps for dirty water and sewage as well as extremely useful garden pumps . In the same field, you will find small accessories on our shelves, such as a pump for extracting water on a drill. Lawn mowers and trimmers are another type of extremely useful tool in your garden. The Wasserman store offers both electric and combustion engines trimmers . But not only because it is impossible to imagine gardening without a lawn mower. And here we have a large offer of mowers, everyone will find the best plus for themselves accessories such as the harness for brushcutters, electronic speedometer or Stihl engine oil. We already have a beautiful and well-kept lawn, now it's time for a hedge. Only thanks to regular pruning will it be dense and well-groomed, In addition to petrol, battery or electric hedge trimmers, you will also get simple and functional manual hedge trimmers Electric scissors and battery packs from well-known manufacturers - Powermat . John Gardener . Geko Hand scissors

ABOUT vacuum cleaners, blowers and leaf sweepers - Triton . Malatec

Clean your garden quickly and efficiently with leaf vacuum cleaners, which can also be used as leaf blowers. Knife, scissor, drill bit and chain sharpeners are essentials to ensure that our cutting, sawing and chopping equipment is always ready for use. Axes and shovels famous producers - Powermat Geko . Dedra are widely recognized for their features such as lightness, ergonomics and great workmanship.

There is no work with power tools without a power supply, and for this sometimes power extension cords are necessary. They are needed for all electrical equipment, including lawn mowers, chainsaws and hedge trimmers. And if you like night walks, make sure you take the right lighting with you. Flashlights and lamps available in the Wasserman store are devices that will be used by a DIY enthusiast in the workshop, for a stroller during night walks, and even for children to play. The assortment includes a variety of models, each of which will serve a different purpose.