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Early spring is the time when we start looking for gardening products. We are looking for seeds, we wonder what we will plant this year and how we will decorate our garden. But not only the garden is a field for enthusiastic gardeners, terraces and balconies look more and more like small gardens. The Wasserman store has a well-equipped gardening department, where you can buy everything you need for gardening work. In this section, there is a wide selection of pots and coasters

Ecological pots and casings only from proven producers; Tin Tours Quality . Galicia

There are many different pots on the market, often when buying a pot or a cover for our plants, we only pay attention to the appearance and this is a mistake. It is very important what material the product is made of. The best pots are made of durable materials,

frost-resistant and ecological. We can safely leave such pots outside all year round. And even if our flowers winter at home, it is good to have a pot that will not crumble and will not lose color after a year. When going shopping for pots, let's also think about the arrangement, after all, a terrace or a garden looks much more beautiful when everything fits together. Wooden terrace with it composite planters imitating wood. Remember that relaxation is best achieved through harmony.

Unique composite pots in the Wasserman store

Our pots are not only durable but also delight the eyes with their appearance. Composite pots from Tin Tours Quality are resistant to various weather conditions. They are not afraid of moisture, frost or harsh sunlight. The material from which they are made comes from recycling, so they are 100 percent ecological product. Perfect for home and outdoor use. You can also buy in the Wasserman store covers and stands for pots. Different colors and different textures of the materials they are made of make them fit perfectly into any interior. Once you've got the pots, take a look at horticultural department where you will find soil, seeds, flowers and all kinds of tools that will facilitate your work in the garden.