mobile phone. Now the telephone often replaces us with the whole office.

Nowadays, there is probably no longer a person who does not have one mobile phone. Now the telephone often replaces us with the whole office. We not only call from it but also film, take pictures, write email, we create collages, we sell and buy with it. But with Because of all this, phones often need spare parts and that's why this department was created. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer
 Wasserman store.

 Replacement accessories for mobile phones from proven ones
 producentów- Blow . Natec . eXtreme

 We offer customers of our store  telephone accessories  type charger, memory cards, cables, holders, lenses, protective films and other things that extend the life of your phones. To the most Popular telephone accessories belong with confidence chargers and batteries . Behind them are headphones and speakerphone. No driver will do without a car holder and none traveler without an electrical outlet adapter. But to the full secure your phone it's worth having access to tempered glass as well protective foils. The more we use our smartphone, the more the risk of damage increases. A lot of damage comes from our own guilt, up the hand who never phone has fallen. Repair prices sometimes they overwhelm the price of a new phone so it's worth protecting yourself a if we damage our beloved phone, it's good to have parts
 spare parts at hand.

 Displays for Apple iPhone

 Broken displays in iPhones  they are a slightly less common fault fast. But they do happen and service repairs will give us pain teeth. Thanks to the use of our panel and high quality fast, your phone after repair will not be different from the new one. IN in our store you will get displays for various models. To the front the panel is applied fast and the panel itself has all the elements needed for mounting, camera holder, sensor holder, plug speaker and sponges on the tapes that prevent too strong bending of tapes and unbuckling when using tel greatly extended.