mobile phone. Now the telephone often replaces the entire office.

Nowadays, there is probably no person who would not have mobile phone. Now the telephone often replaces the entire office. We not only make calls from it, but also film, take photos and write e-mail, we create collages, use it to sell and buy. But with because of all this, phones often need spare parts and this is why this section was created. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer
Wasserman store.

Removable accessories for mobile phones from proven ones
producentów- Blow . Natec . eXtreme

We offer our customers telephone accessories type charger, memory cards, cables, holders, glasses, protective films and other life-extending stuff for your phones. To the most The popular phone accessories are certainly among these chargers i batteries . Right behind them are headphones and hands-free kits. No driver can do without a car mount and no one traveler without an adapter for an electrical outlet. But to the fullest to protect your phone it is worth having access to tempered glass as well protective films. The more we use our smartphone, the more the risk of damage increases. Much damage is due to our own guilt, hand up the one whose phone has never fallen. Repair prices sometimes they exceed the price of a new phone, so it's worth protecting yourself if we damage our beloved phone, it's good to have parts
spare parts at hand.

Displays for Apple iPhone

Broken displays in iPhones they are a fault a bit rarer than the compact one fast. But they do happen and the service repair will make us hurt teeth. Thanks to the use of our panel and high quality fast, your phone after repair will not differ from the new one. IN in our store you will get displays for various models. To the front the panel is put on a glass and the panel itself has all the elements needed for assembly, camera holder, sensor holder, plug speaker and sponge on the tapes that prevent it from being too strong bending of the tapes and detaching when using the tele greatly extended.