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In the car department of the Wasserman store you will find not only accessories for your cars. In addition to audio systems, navigation, vacuum cleaners, batteries and many other car products, we also have chemicals. Car chemistry is a section where you can find care products, cleaning agents, fragrances and everything that allows you to keep the car clean.

Car chemicals from famous companies Wunder Baum . Freecar . My car . WD40

The basic care products for your car are certainly various cleaning agents. You will find us not only polishing pastes for varnish but also effective rim cleaners. The preparations available from us can be used for all types of rims with a guarantee of safety and effectiveness. The interior of the car you can clean well with a preparation for cleaning plastics. It will clean all elements made of plastic and additionally revive faded colors. Is perfect for stain removal a plus is the extremely pleasant smell that remains after polishing the interior. And we can use it without fear because it does not affect any physical properties of the plastic parts of the car accessories. In the Wasserman store, you will also find upholstery detergents on the shelves. Excellent cleaning effect on armchairs, carpets and vinyl upholstery. And the WD40 is not the questionable star of every chemistry department, not only for cars. Basic use WD40 formulation we all know it, it's lubricating and loosening joints and hinges, removing dirt in various mechanisms, facilitating the unscrewing of stuck bolts and screws, removing rust and corrosion prevention . But take a look at the store and you will find out how many other unusual things you will need this preparation at home.

Radiator fluids, air fresheners and other car products only from Wasserman

Air fresheners for use in car, home and office. Maybe not in every wardrobe, but certainly in every car, fragrant Christmas trees, maple leaves or bottles with aromas sway under the mirror. Our air fresheners are products soaked in high-quality perfumes that leave a long-lasting effect of freshness. Delighted by the smell of "New car", we would forget about the basic "chemicals" for your car, that is car radiator fluid . Our shelves are lined with high-quality car radiator fluid based on monoethylene glycol. It is completely safe for metal parts of the cooling system due to the presence of inhibitors.

If you are disturbed by the dust in your car, the cockpit is covered with unsightly stains and dirt, the upholstery shows signs of wear and the rims are "bleeding", then be sure to check this section.