Acrylics, silicones, foam adhesives

Putty, silicone, acrylic, glue all these things are used for sealing and gluing. And you will find all these things in our Acrylics, silicones, glues department. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our store and choose the best option for yourself.

Acrylics for various purposes - Den Braven
acrylics they are often confused with silicones due to the type of packaging. They are sold in cartridges ending with a conical nozzle. They have a similar appearance and color, but differ in their use. Unlike silicones, after hardening, acrylic can be painted, although you can already buy acrylic in several colors on the market. Acrylic is resistant to precipitation and moisture, creates a strong, durable bond, is very well adhesive to concrete, plasters, wood and building ceramics, resistant to cracks and shrinkage cracks. Health-friendly (EMICODE EC1 Plus class - safe for allergy sufferers or people allergic to construction chemistry), extremely easy to profile and chemically neutral. It is great for filling gaps and scratches in materials such as concrete, brick, porous ceramics, aerated concrete, plasterboard, gypsum, wood, wood-based materials. Acrylic can also be successfully used for glass or steel, when connecting door or window frames and skirting boards with walls. Most acrylic are used indoors, but you'll also get acrylic for outdoor use. Next to them, we also have acrylic for plasters, painting acrylic, quick acrylic for latex paints, acrylic for putty.

This is where the saying KITUJ works out! Parquet putty - Braven
Parquet putty is a product that we can use both indoors and outdoors. This is a very useful product, thanks to which we can effectively get rid of unsightly crevices and gaps. But we must remember that putty both inside and outside the building can be applied only in the permissible temperature range (information on this can be found on the label of a specific model). When applying putty, remember to leave a slight excess of putty on the surface, which should then be collected with a spatula or a slightly wet finger. Let the cracks filled with putty dry. After 24 hours, we can start painting or varnishing the floor. In our offer you will find putty in different colors, which will allow you to match it to the color of the floor. The Wasserman store offer includes glue guns on hot. AND glue in sticks you can choose according to color or size. An adhesive gun is a device that everyone will need at home. It works great wherever something peels, breaks, breaks or breaks. Hot glue is produced in transparent, white sticks in color and even glitter versions. When buying adhesive cartridges, let's first see which cartridges our gun has been adapted to, in the future, not to buy sticks in the wrong size. Too small will fall out of the gun, too large will not fit at all.