Special paints

Are you looking for an idea for a wall in a nursery? Or maybe you dream of something new for the kitchen? Did you know there are paints for special tasks? Do we recommend blackboard paint? What is that? We invite you to read.

Blackboard paint - Primacol

Paints are not only used to change the color or refresh the walls. Today you can buy aromatic, magnetic and coating paints like on a school blackboard. Often a wall painted in such a way is already so decorative that we do not need anything else to decorate. Blackboard paint from our offer it is suitable for home, school and hospital rooms. It is resistant to washing and scrubbing, and its use on a given surface allows for the effect of a school blackboard. It will be perfect as a blackboard in a nursery, but it can also be a place to write a recipe on the kitchen wall or to remember information on the wall in the hall. This is how the paint perfectly protects the wall and is easy to use, it is enough to wipe the smeared with a cloth or sponge. We can also paint ceramic tiles, radiators, pipes or galvanized cables with blackboard paint. It has high adhesion to various substrates such as glass, metal, plastic, PVC, wood, concrete, putty, brick, plasterboard.

Pay attention to the Primacol paint and turn the wall into a blackboard

Blackboard paint, as a communication and information board. Painting with blackboard paint is not at all complicated. As with any paint, make sure it is evenly distributed, and before painting the wall, prepare the substrate according to the manufacturers' instructions. Blackboard paint is universal, suitable for various types of surfaces and has a wide range of applications. The use of such a "board" will only be limited by our imagination. A wall painted with such a paint will not only serve as a board, it will also be a convenient zone to keep clean in places exposed to dirt, e.g. above the table, by chairs, or in the vicinity of contacts. And its resistance to moisture means that the blackboard paint can also be used in the bathroom. Let us not just follow the name and do not use paint only as a protection or surface for our own creativity, after all, such a uniform surface will also be an ideal background for paintings or mirrors. The elegant deep black of this paint makes it perfect for renovating old furniture. One last word, in order to get the desired effect, the wall should be painted at least twice.