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Journey? A short city break? A picnic in the garden? You will need a refrigerator. What to buy?

Before you buy tourist fridge find out what cooling methods are available in portable refrigerators, under what conditions will you use the portable refrigerator? What cooling capacity do you expect, and what will the refrigerator's power options for when traveling? How much electricity will a car refrigerator consume? And finally How big a cooler do you need? If you are looking for a car refrigerator that will allow you to store bottles of soda and fruit while driving, then you will do thermoelectric refrigerator or absorptive. But if you go on a trip for several weeks, or take frozen food with you, then a compressor refrigerator will be the best.

Refrigerators from well-known manufacturers Camry , Teesa , Galicia

Portable tourist refrigerators have several power options, we distinguish refrigerators powered only by a car battery (12V or 24V), but also models connected to the mains (230V). When choosing a refrigerator, do not be influenced by the power of the device in Watts, pay more attention to the energy efficiency of the refrigerator, which tells us how much electricity we will use to reach a certain temperature inside the refrigerator. As for the capacity you should choose, you know best yourself, if you are going on vacation with a large family, opt for a refrigerator, at least 40 liters. Remember that the size of the refrigerator increases with the amount of energy needed to maintain the required temperature inside.