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Plant fertilization is the most important care treatment that we must remember throughout the growing season. It is worth getting to know different types of fertilizers to ensure your plants the best growth. The Wasserman store offers products that will be able to strengthen all plants in your garden. And what are the types of fertilizers and how do they differ? When can a given agent be used and when not? Which fertilizers should you choose depending on the plant species? We invite you to the Wasserman store and choose from the wide range of fertilizer dedicated to your plant species.

Fertilizers for plants from the company BIOPON

Why use fertilizers and how can they help you? In the natural environment, after the vegetation period, the plants die and rot completely, thus giving the soil nutrients taken from it earlier during growth. But we, while growing plants, use most of the harvest for our own use, which is why we should supplement the lost soils with micro- and macroelements. In our offer you will find fertilizers that will improve the absorption of nutrients through the roots; supplement nutrients, have a positive effect on soil quality; they will be great against disease; increase the amount of chlorophyll in plants and increase the resistance of plants to low or high temperatures. Fertilizers that you buy with us come in various forms. We have liquid fertilizers, sold in bottles, which we use by dissolving the active substance in water and watering the soil around the plant with this mixture. This type of remedy is quickly absorbed and we can use it throughout the year. Granulated fertilizers are sold in the form of granules. We use them only during the growing season and at the beginning of autumn.

What types of fertilizers do we have?

Some types of fertilizers that are available with us are universal, i.e. they support the overall health of each plant. However, for some plants, it is recommended to use agents containing special chemicals that are useful to this particular species of flowers or shrubs. And such a specialized product is e.g. fertilizer for roses. Without special nutrients, the rose will bloom less and become more susceptible to pest attacks. Lawn fertilizer is a special granulated fertilizer that has a positive effect on lawn green and its density. Fertilizer for conifers, in their case it is good to remember that the first fertilization after winter should contain a large dose of nitrogen and last for a long time. In our offer you will also find blueberry fertilizer. The requirements of blueberry are completely different from other fruit plants. Its root system is richly branched, but quite shallow. We can not forget about strawberries, raspberries, orchids and many other species of plants and shrubs. You will buy the right fertilizer for each of them.