Protective accessories

In addition to workwear, there are many protective accessories for work on the market, such as footwear, helmets, ear muffs, dust masks, gloves, aprons, etc. In our store you can buy decent work clothes, footwear from well-known and respected companies and all protective articles for work.

Dust masks and welding masks from companies - Hogert . Dedra . Geko . Powermat
masks we buy according to the class - FFP1 to FFP3 such masks are sufficient for home works such as coal shifting, demolition work, grinding, wood and metal cutting. What else is important in working with masks? Such masks are disposable products, you cannot put the mask off until later, by breathing the mask becomes moist and it is an ideal environment for the multiplication of fungi and bacteria. In our valve respirator sets, respiratory protection is provided by the FFP1 and FFP2 active carbon filters. It protects against the harmful effects of aerosols made of solid and liquid particles. In addition to dust masks, our assortment also includes slightly more serious masks. Auto-darkening mask is an essential attribute of every welder. The mask has a special sensor that will automatically darken the mask within tens of milliseconds when you start working. This radiation and spatter protection is excellent, giving a wide field of view and automatic adjustment to the welding mode. The mask is self-charging via a solar cell battery. Our masks are products with the latest technology, such as optoelectronic detectors, solar power or microelectronics.

Ear muffs and knee pads
If you are looking for protection against irritating sounds or huge noise, you've come to the right place. When working with a device that emits continuous noise, wear ear muffs. Let's not underestimate the impact of noise, because by constantly exposing our hearing, more and more of us suffer from tinnitus, headaches and other noise-related ailments. Ear muffs help minimize even the smallest hazards caused by louder sounds. We also divide the headphones into independent and helmets as well as passive and active. And the most important thing when buying such earpieces is their compliance with the E-352 standard. Dedra ear-muffs have all the required certificates and protect against noise up to 26.8 dB. In turn, knee pads are a simple way to minimize the risk of abrasions and bruises on our knees. Well-chosen knee pads are the only way to ensure not only comfort, but also safety during work. Our knee pads are light, flexible and effective inserts, made of EVA foam