Safety shoes

Clothing and footwear Protective equipment is a requirement in many workplaces. But such clothing or footwear does not only have to be used for work. Its performance and aesthetics often mean that we also use these products outside of work. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of clothing and shoes in the Wasserman store

Protective and work footwear from reputable manufacturers - Dedra
We buy work shoes when we need to protect our feet against external factors in our work or when we want to protect our private footwear. In our store you will find various types of footwear and for different seasons. And those that protect against specific threats. we have wellingtons for special tasks (gumofilce) perfectly protect our feet against cold and moisture. The offer also includes wellies (rubber boots) long with a three-layer sock (hygienic nonwoven). The lightweight EVA foam is combined with the durability of the rubber. Resistance to the harmful effects of constant contact with moisture is one of the most important reasons justifying the purchase of wellingtons or rubber boots. Rubber boots and wellies are made of EVA material, which has exceptional thermal, waterproof and anti-slip properties.

Boots, shoes and sandals in the Wasserman store offer
Boots and shoes from the store's offers are strong footwear, made of the highest quality materials, The shoes are oil resistant and the sole in them is non-slip, which significantly increases safety at work. The footwear has a steel toecap (resistant to impact with 200J), which protects our toes against mechanical injuries and the shock absorbing system means that even hours of work will not tire our feet. The steel insole in the sole resistant to puncture in the shoes from Dedra means that we can safely work on the ground full of dangerous and sharp objects. We always choose shoes for a specific job and season. Sandals with toe protection will also be great for the summer, but they are also extremely airy, so your feet won't sweat.