Bet on proven brands,

The workwear department invites you to buy warm, decent, thermal and strong workwear. Here you can buy gloves, socks and hats. The entire assortment with approvals and only from proven manufacturers.

Bet on proven brands, Lahti Pro . Hogert, Dedra at the Wasserman store

Workwear it's not only overalls, pants and sweatshirts, but also smaller pieces of clothing, but no less important. When choosing clothing for ourselves, we must specify the industry in which this clothing will be used. You need another for gastronomy and another for construction. The same applies to the season, in summer you won't need a hat or a fleece sweatshirt. The only thing that connects these different categories is the type of materials they are made of. Always focus on quality and proven companies. Because what if you buy pants from the KRZAK company on occasion, perfect for a builder, when after two days of work you come home with holes in your knees? The clothes sold by Wasserman come from well-known producers and are made of high-quality materials. In addition to clothing, you can also buy shoes, helmets, masks and other attributes of a well-prepared employee.

Gloves and socks are also an important part of workwear

Work gloves are divided according to the material from which they were made. They are leather, they are textile, they are made of rubber. They also differ in the type of coating, some have latex, others nitrile, and some PVC. Work gloves meet a multitude of standards and have different resistance classes. But do not be discouraged, such gloves are like Volwo, and you will need ordinary rubber gloves to work in the garden, you will also get Opel where you need to. If you need gloves that protect your hands against hazards occurring in the working environment, we recommend them and protect them against scratches, imprints and dirt. It speaks for their choice

a → abrasion resistance (4, 0-4)

b → cut resistance (1, 0-5)

c → tear resistance (2, 0-4)

d → puncture resistance (2, 0-4)

You will also find protective gloves made of knitted cotton, coated with nitrile. Knitted cotton gloves, polyurethane coated and cotton with vinyl chloride dots. Not only hands need protection, our feet will also thank us when we put them in thermal insulation socks from Lahti. Perfectly fitting, perfectly holding feet. You just have to choose, the short ones, the longer ones, or maybe those up to the knee, because there are bitter frosts. And for better robotics, protect your scrolls, wear a hat. And the best will be acrylic cap Lahti with an internal insulation to keep your coils and ears warm regardless of the temperature