Protective trousers

Strong workwear is needed for various construction, renovation or finishing works. Such clothing must be comfortable, practical and functional. Work or protective clothing is a health and safety requirement. The range of workwear is very large, so there is plenty to choose from. Clothing worn by employees can be divided into two types: working and protective. Workwear does not require certification, but protective clothing must already have appropriate certificates in accordance with OHS standards confirming protection against a specific danger.

In the Wasserman store you can buy company work and safety trousers



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The task of workwear is to protect our own clothes from dirt or tearing and such clothes are intended for everyone. The protective clothing is certified and designed for special tasks. In our store you can buy a reinforced one Workwear , one in which the protection is located in particular parts of the body, those particularly exposed to work. Workwear includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, overalls, sweatshirts, coats, jackets, warning vests, headgear and footwear. The clothes you buy in the Wasserman store are made of durable and durable materials that guarantee multiple use. Pants are the most frequently chosen part of workwear. The pants in our assortment can be either waist-length or the extremely popular "Swede" bib pants.
Both types of trousers have been designed not only to protect against hazards, but also to assist in our work. Work trousers are characterized by increased durability, a large number of different pockets and incredible comfort of work. Which pants to choose depends on personal preferences. Dungarees, "Swedes" are bib pants. These pants have a large number of different pockets and an additional breast pocket. Dungarees are much easier to choose for "undersized" workers. Adjusting the harness will help you adjust the size much better. Pants are also much more comfortable because they do not slip during work, regardless of the working position. Dungarees to a greater extent than classic pants will protect our stomach and back. Each of the work trousers in our assortment, be it seams or waist-length trousers, have reinforced seams, a large number of pockets, including a pair closed with Velcro or a zipper, and reinforced knee pads. They are made of materials with high wear resistance and meet all the required standards.