The sports and tourism section is a section where you will find what can be useful on various trips. If you do not spend your vacation in luxury hotels, for example, tourist cookers will be perfect for camping, but not only. And at home, sometimes the stove becomes a replacement equipment for the time of e.g. kitchen renovation.

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Portable electric cookers it is an ideal solution not only for tourists. It is also for those who are preparing a kitchen renovation, for those who rent a flat, for those with a tiny kitchen and even for those who organize large parties. Such a cooker is a device that is light and easy to use, and takes up little space thanks to one or maximum two plates. After use, the device can be put away in its place, e.g. in a kitchen cabinet. Thanks to the electric cookers available in our offer, you will prepare your favorite dishes using the best ingredients wherever you are. You can even pack such a single-burner stove into a backpack for a tourist backpack, while simple operation and quickly heating up burners will affect the speed and quality of prepared meals.

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When going on a bicycle trip, even a nearby one, it is worth getting a bicycle pump. Such a car and bicycle pump can save us in an unexpected situation. The flat tire will surely ruin our cycling pleasure. On the other hand, trampolines and which are also available in this section are fun for adults and children. If you want to put a trampoline in your yard, buy one that not only can accommodate one person. The garden trampoline from our offer is made of decent and durable materials (elastic polypropylene and thermally bonded carbon). Its steel and strong structure can withstand loads of up to 180 kg. The springs are covered with a sponge-lined material for your comfort and safety. The materials used for production are resistant to UV radiation. The trampoline is secured with a high mesh closed on both sides.