In section decor there are various things that can beautify our apartment. These products are not only decorative, but also functional. You will find here not only wicker products, but also wood, sea grass, Christmas and occasional decorations.

Boxes, baskets, lanterns, wreaths and hangers at the Wasserman store
Everything natural and simple is up-to-date now. In bright colors and made of the most natural materials. Among the rich offer of such decorations in our store, beautiful wicker baskets are in the lead. They come in different sizes and different shades. In such baskets you can store whatever you want, and they are perfect for a picnic. The baskets are perfect covers for flower pots, such as background covers that outside, the boxes made of natural material such as wood are also ideal. Instead of plastic immortal pots, white wicker boxes will look beautiful on the balcony. Wicker is also an excellent material for weaving wreaths that will decorate your door or empty walls. And after dusk the darkness will be illuminated for you by the quivering flames of candles hidden in beautiful glass lanterns wrapped with white rope.

Ornaments from renowned manufacturers - Tin Tours . Galicia . Procter, Emos .
Among the boxes, baskets and wicker wreaths, between wooden boxes and woven lanterns, next to baskets of sea grass lie Christmas decorations. Before we know it, Christmas will come around the corner and it's time to decorate our homes. In the Wasserman store you will find not only hanging and glowing decorations for windows, doors or tables, you will also find Christmas tree lanterns, strings of colorful lamps and laser projectors. With their help, you will brighten up your surroundings and give your home a festive atmosphere. Lanterns can be turned into a beautiful place for a Christmas ball and baskets can hide gifts wrapped in fir branches. Mini Christmas trees can be placed in boxes framed with strings of lights. Only your own imagination will set the limits for using all the decorations that you will find in our offer.