Gas lamp in cartridges

Do you remember the first cell phones? Apart from the archaic retractable antenna that caught the signal, they were bulky, huge and heavy devices that looked almost nothing like today's cell phones. As in many other areas of life, there is a gradual minimization in the tool segment. Lutlamps are a common term for blowtorches. Instead of using large and bulky soldering tools, you can invest in a lightweight and convenient gas fired torch

Gas lamp in cartridges

Bernhardts gives the possibility of performing two types of soldering - soft soldering allows you to connect metal elements at a temperature of 450 degrees Celsius, such as zinc, steel or brass. However, if we want to solder elements made of silver, copper, gold or carbon steel, we will need a temperature higher than 450 degrees Celsius - then we can talk about brazing. The soldering lamp is powered by gas cartridges that can be easily replaced - both soldering lamps and cartridges can be found in our store's offer. The first ones are distinguished by the material from which their housings are made - it can be plastic or metal. The cartridges have a capacity of 190g and are filled with gas (butane) - they can also be used for portable tourist cookers.

Products from a well-known manufacturer - Topex

Brand gas soldering lamp Topex has the ability to regulate the flame. It is a device that is comfortable to use, thanks to its small size and ergonomic handle. The piezoelectric ignition system is another advantage, thanks to which the gas soldering lamp fires up in a split second. This type of gas burner can help us not only in soldering, but also in tinning, burning paints and bending pipes. All this makes the products of the well-known manufacturer Topex the perfect choice for everyone who needs a soldering lamp in their workshop (you may think that you do not need it, but you don't really know when you will need soldering!). One gas cartridge is enough for about an hour of continuous work with a blowtorch.