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Car seats for children are an indispensable element of family car equipment. They guarantee the safety of the child, and their presence in the car is required by law. Baby car carriers available at Wasserman are characterized by the possibility of transforming them into car seats. Thanks to this convenient function, one product can serve a child for up to twelve years.

Which car chair should I buy for a child?

The main attribute that good children's car seats should have is safety. In this respect, we should evaluate the product, considering its purchase. Appropriately shaped seats will ensure the child's comfort during travel, and solid protections will protect his head, spine and arms. Children's car chairs offered by the Wasserman store have a system for easy and quick adjustment of the backrest and belts. They can be mounted in the car forward or backward. When choosing child car seats, we must remember to correctly install them in the car. Not every product on the market will perfectly match our car, so pay attention to the one that provides the best stability.

Safe baby carriers

Some children's car saddles consist of a car-mounted base and baby carriers. It is a convenient solution enabling parents to bring their youngest children from home into the car already in the baby carrier. This option is especially useful when, when you return, your toddler falls asleep in the car, and we want to move him home without waking him. Safe baby carriers should be made of high quality materials. It is also interesting to find out what certificates of interest were obtained for children's car seats during tests in independent research centers. Car seats offered by Wasserman guarantee comfort of travel and the best possible protection. In addition, they are suitable for children of all ages - first as highchairs for the youngest, and later as a pad even for 12-year-olds. In our offer you will find products from well-known manufacturers such as Lionelo and Import.