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A bicycle is a piece of equipment that people use in almost every period of their life. Preschoolers start with tricycles, adolescent children go wild around the housing estates on colorful bikes, teenagers and adults go on long trips with professional roads or highlanders. Even retirees often use them when going shopping or visiting neighbors. However, the adventure with cycling always starts with the first bike. By buying it for our child in the Wasserman store, we can be sure that it will be a beautiful adventure.

Pedal karts

The children's go-karts available in the Wasserman offer are something more than just ordinary bikes. These are futuristic vehicles with a backrest, round steering wheel and four wheels. They are solidly constructed, made of durable materials. Their safety for the toddler is determined, among other things, by the closed chain casing, thanks to which clothes do not get caught in it while driving and do not get dirty. The pedal go-karts are equipped with a seat adjustment function, so you can keep your toddler comfortable. They have a gear lever with neutral gear and a manual brake. They can be driven both forward and backward.

Bicycles for small children

Children's bikes of various shapes and colors flood the market. No wonder, cycling is a fantastic activity for your growing toddler. Thanks to it, our child exercises balance and independence. This type of movement has a positive effect on the shaping of the child's muscles and spine, and improves blood circulation. When riding a bike, boys and girls also practice orientation in the field. Bearing in mind all these benefits of children's bikes, it is worth making sure that the product you buy for them is trustworthy. First of all, go-karts or bikes for small children should be adapted to the height of our child. While the saddle or handlebar are most often adjustable, you need to take care of the right frame height. You should also look at the safety certificates that the product has obtained.