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Pumps can be divided into three groups; surface (self-priming) pumps, submersible pumps and submersible pumps. What pump we need to buy depends on what it will be used for. Gray sewage and dirty water pumps or sewage pumps or maybe we need a garden pump? At the Wasserman store, you can buy any type of pump with accessories needed for them.

 Pumps from reputable manufacturers Geko . Dedra

 In the Wasserman store offer you will find  pump  for gray sewage and dirty water, which will be ideal for pumping sewage from the whole kitchen, bathroom or laundry. They are suitable for pumping used (dirty) water from washbasins, sinks, bathtubs, washing machines and dishwashers. If the pumped water may contain sand or fibrous components, we recommend pumps adapted to such impurities. For sewage, we offer submersible pumps for sewage, they will be used for the discharge of all domestic and household sewage. It is thanks to them that drainage from the building runs smoothly and functionally. Such a pump is submerged deep into the septic tank, which guarantees pumping water to the appropriate height desired by us. Cesspool pumps pump cleaned and untreated sewage. Let us remember one thing: the pumps available on the market, which are intended for clean and dirty water, and do not have the mark as a septic pump, will not be able to cope with sewage.

 Types of pumps in the Wasserman store

 In addition to dirty water pumps and sewage pumps, our offer also includes extremely useful products garden pumps . These types of garden irrigation pumps are most often used as self-priming pumps. As a result, the pump can be located outside the well or other water tank. Such pumps can be used as stationary, permanently mounted or portable devices. Thanks to this, placing a garden irrigation pump in a selected place is very easy. Submersible and submersible pumps are devices consisting of a pump and hermetic motor adapted to work in water. The engine and pump are lowered below the water surface. These types of garden irrigation pumps can draw water even when the water level falls more than 7 meters below ground level. In our offer you will also find small accessories in the same field, such as a pump for removing water on a drill. A great tool adapted to work with any drill. Ideal for pumping water, oil and fuel.