Submersible water pumps

In the Wasserman store you can buy efficient septic tank pumps. They will be useful in any house where the source of sewage is below the sewage system. Thanks to them, waste will be pumped to the sewage system, even when the terrain does not allow for their gravity discharge. In addition, the pumps are equipped with a grinder, which will ensure that small-diameter pipes do not get larger objects that could clog them. The devices available in the offer are a solution that combines excellent quality with an affordable price.

Submersible water pumps

Pumps for septic tanks with a grinder are devices characterized by favorable parameters. They are efficient enough to dispose of sewage from the entire household. They have the ability to lift the transported liquid to considerable heights, and moreover, they can be mounted below the surface of the liquid. A float built into the submersible water pump causes the mechanism to automatically turn off whenever the surface of the liquid is lowered. The device has a cast-iron, hermetic casing, which makes it resistant to harsh conditions in which it must work. Thanks to this, it can fulfill its function for a very long time.

Water pumps and septic tanks from a well-known manufacturer - Powermat

Powermat is a manufacturer of professional, high-quality household equipment. His power tools are available at very attractive prices, and they definitely improve various processes and housework. It is no different with the Powermat water pump. You can make use of it for both clean and dirty liquids. Its housing is completely tight, which allows it to work in complete submersion. Its rubber cord has also been properly secured. The strainer at the base of the pump, on the other hand, serves to trap larger contaminants that could harm it. Due to these and many other qualities, the Powermat septic tank pump is suitable for use in households, gardening and industry.