Batteries and power banks

We live in a time when we practically never let go of a mobile phone. The alarm clock on the phone greets us in the morning, GPS on the phone can show us how to avoid traffic jams on the way to work, on the phone we can check the weather and the latest information from the country and the world. Of course, to all these functions there is the most basic one - reading and sending text messages as well as answering and making calls. In crisis situations, the phone allows you to call for help and save your life. So let's keep it charged - a portable powerbank can help.

Products from well-known manufacturers - Blow, Kruger-Matz, Axiver, ExtremeStyle

Each powerbank is actually a battery with lithium-ion or lithium-polymer cells in a stylish casing. Our offer includes several models of portable phone chargers. They differ in shape (flat brand model Kruger & amp; Matz , oblong model with two USB inputs and a company flashlight function ExtremeStyle etc.) as well as the maximum capacity of stored energy. In addition to powerbanks for smartphones, we also offer customers a larger powerbank with a buster function, which will allow you to start a car with a dead battery. This is an extremely useful device from the brand Blow it will turn out to be useful especially in winter, when the temperatures drop below zero and we cannot park the car in the garage. The equipment is sold in a handy case and with a number of accessories (such as removable DC plugs or a starter).

How to use a portable phone charger?

Most often, power banks have a limited number of charging cycles (depending on the model, varying between 200 and 500 charges), and each connection of the battery to the electricity starts a new cycle. The more often we charge the powerbank to the phone, the more its capabilities wear out - so it is better to charge portable batteries less often and longer (e.g. once a day to the full, not five times a day for 20%). When the powerbank is left unused for a long time, it should be recharged prophylactically once every 3 weeks. Portable phone chargers do not like frost or heat. We also advise against charging the powerbank to 100% and allowing a situation where the energy level drops to zero. It's best to keep the energy level between 30% and 90%. Using the above tips, we will provide our smartphone power bank with a long and stress-free life.