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Gone are the days when a separate device was dedicated to each activity. Not to look far - a modern phone not only has the functions of Alexander Bell's invention, but also allows you to use a camera, internet, send messages, watch and shoot high-quality movies, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The same applies to devices used on the construction site - power tools, thanks to replaceable tips, have more than one function, e.g. thanks to a set of bits for a screwdriver.
Products from the well-known manufacturer Hogert
Diversified bits for the screwdriver make this tool acquire universal properties and its purchase pays off in the future, because we use it many times in various types of work. Screwdriver bits (popularly known as "tips" or in Polish "bits") are sold in smaller (5 pieces) or larger sets (32 elements). A larger set of screwdriver bits is a solid case that facilitates carrying the set, in the middle of which we find four flat and hexagonal bits, eight flat bits, seven Torx and Torx bits with a hole, and the whole is complemented by an adapter and a magnetic holder. Small sets are identical bits for a screwdriver, packed five pieces each, which can be used to fill up any deficiencies in workshop equipment.
Types of tips and additional tools
With sets of bits for the brand screwdriver Hogert  can be used with cordless or cordless drill drivers and heavy duty impact screwdrivers. In addition to screwdriver bits, the manufacturer's offer also includes:
  • quick release chuck (made of aluminum and equipped with a screwdriver bit lock),
  • a set of three screwdriver holders for sockets of different diameter made of chrome-vanadium alloy steel.
The bits themselves differ depending on the size and shape (profile) of the tip, which depends on the type of cuts on the screw heads. Screwdriver bit sets usually include the following types of bits: flat, cross, star (Torx), triangular, square and hexagonal. By buying such a set we can be sure that it is universal.