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Among the various accessories in the department power deserve attention diamond discs and disc wire brushes. Although they will not be of any use, they fulfill an important task. Intended for cooperation with grinders, they help in grinding and deburring. When buying disc brushes and diamond discs, we always focus on good quality from a proven manufacturer. Otherwise, these tools will wear out very quickly and will not perform their function.
Disc brushes from a reputable tool manufacturer Dedra
Disc wire brushes are designed to work with angle grinders, and above all with table grinders. A wire brush having the shape of a shield will allow us to efficiently reach places that are difficult to access. Disc brushes are made of corrugated steel wire and less often stranded wire. Depending on what steel was used in the brush, they are designed for different materials. Brushed wire brushes are used for cutting and cleaning only with the tip of the tool. Usually brushes with corrugated wires will be used for lighter work. Disc brushes with screwed ends, on the other hand, brush much more intensively. Wire brushes are available in different diameters and thanks to this we can easily adapt them to the activities performed.
Diamond blades for various applications in the Wasserman range
Diamond blades they have a lot of advantages and therefore they could not be missing from the Wasserman store offer. A diamond disc is a type of disc that is made of steel enriched with synthetic diamond. Diamond blades ensure excellent cutting precision and are very resistant to various types of damage. In our store you can buy diamond blades of various sizes and designed to work with different types of surfaces. They work equally well at work on concrete as well as marble, glaze or stoneware. Diamond blades will not require sharpening when properly stored. Working with diamond blades is also much quieter because they generate low noise levels. Their reinforced body is a guarantee of long use. You also can't forget about plastic discs, which are an ideal device for wall surface treatment. They will definitely simplify and speed up our work, and the work result will be much better than when using traditional hand tools.