We call this type of furniture "garden" furniture, but such loungers are perfect for balconies, terraces and patios. Contrary to appearances, choosing a perfect deckchair is not an easy matter. They differ in material, workmanship, frame and construction. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of deckchairs in the Wasserman store

A zero gravity deckchair in our offer

Garden deck chair zero gravity is a term for a garden furniture that, thanks to the latest solutions and refined ergonomics, will ensure rest on a completely new level. Zero gravity is a definition of a unique position in which this type of deckchair can be set. In this position, our feet are raised above the heart, which relieves the back, especially the spine. Thanks to this position, we can completely relax, not plagued by persistent back pain. But don't feel that you will be doomed to this one body position, the loungers can be adjusted to your liking. The zero gravity lounger is perfect for many situations, additional options make it the most comfortable lounger for relaxation. The zero gravity deckchair from our offer has a roof that allows you to protect yourself from the sun and a drinking handle. It is made of a flexible, comfortable and weather-resistant Textoline material, and the metal frame is powder-coated, which increases its resistance to corrosion.

Sun loungers in the Wasserman store offer - Procter

As long as the weather is fine, there is nothing more pleasant than relaxing in the fresh air. You can buy comfortable deckchairs for relaxation. We offer folding deckchairs, perfect for the terrace, garden and beach! They are very comfortable and well made. The frame is made of light but solid metal. It is trimmed with a very strong plastic, which is durable, does not fade and is easy to keep clean. The metal structure is powder coated, which makes it a structure resistant to weather conditions. The sun loungers are offered in various colors, so everyone will find a color for themselves. All our deckchairs are adjustable up to three positions.