Foot files

Dry, cracked heels are an eternal problem for many women and probably every man. Taking care of your feet requires daily care. In the morning and in the evening, they should be lubricated with an appropriate moisturizing cream, and rough skin should be removed regularly. What matters is the choice of shoes, the insoles they use, and how long we let our feet breathe every day. Anyone looking for smooth heels will appreciate the convenience of an electric heel file. Such a device can be found in the offer of the Wasserman store.

Electric heel file

Many people, in pursuit of smooth, pleasant-to-touch feet, rub their heels with pumice stone every night, only to discover that the next day that they are already dry and hard. Anyone who has killed themselves this way should reach for an electric pumice stone. This invention makes life much easier. Thanks to it, you can take care of your feet at home. The process of abrasion of the epidermis is incomparably shorter than using a manual pumice stone and does not require any energy from us (apart from electricity from the battery, of course). The Electric Heel Grater is easy to use and gives noticeable results after the first use.

Electric pumice stone for heels - advantages

The advantage of an electric heel pumice stone is that it gives you long lasting results. It will be longer before you need to use it again than with a hand pumice stone. It is also completely safe thanks to a lock that prevents skin irritation from over-pressing the grater. If the abrasive layer is worn out, you can replace the head with a new one, thanks to which the device will serve you for many years. An electric heel polisher removes epidermis with varying degrees of callousness. It works gently and effectively, and thanks to its ergonomic design, it is easy to reach any place on the foot. Electric heel files available in the Wasserman store are a combination of high quality and affordable price. Our offer includes products from well-known manufacturers such as Teesa.