Secateurs for branches, branches etc.

There is no beautiful garden without proper plant care. And this often involves pruning them. Proper tools - including reliable garden pruners - are needed to properly carry out this treatment. In the Wasserman store you can buy tools of this kind, dedicated to branches, branches or hedges. Each of them will be distinguished by different properties and will serve different applications. They are all characterized by durability and ergonomic shapes, facilitating gardening.

Secateurs for branches, branches etc.

The Wasserman store offer includes, among others, one-handed garden secateurs. They are used to prune individual twigs and shrubs. All shoots up to about 3 centimeters thick will give in to their blades. Bough scissors for trimming are suitable for trimming green shoots, because a smooth and smooth cut does not threaten to crush the plants. Hedge pruners are another type of tool. They are distinguished by corrosion resistance and a solid construction. All thanks to the use of durable materials. They guarantee a secure grip and comfortable trimming of hedges. Their functionality ensures precision of work.

The offer also includes articulated branch pruning shears. These are characterized by the greatest impact. They will be used for trimming the thickest branches. Thanks to the appropriate construction, you can cut branches with all your arms with the help of such a tool. Garden anvil pruners will be quite different. You can cut stronger shoots than with scissor pruning shears.

Garden pruners from a well-known producer - Geko

Geko garden secateurs are tools that combine high quality with attractive prices. They can be successfully used for trimming boughs and hedges. They will be used to cut both small shoots and thick branches. Their blades are made of durable metals, and the handles - among other things, of appropriate foam, thanks to which the tools lie comfortably in the hands and allow for comfortable work.