Only with proper care will your garden be beautiful, dense and extremely decorative. And there is no care without proper pruning. And for pruning branches, the right tools for the job are best. The first aid for trimming hedges is reliable secateurs. Among the hand scissors you will find many different models, scissors with longer handles and quite short ones, almost like household scissors.

Secateurs for branches and boughs

Need to trim your shrubs? With a hedge trimmer, you can do it quickly and easily. The offer of the Wasserman store in between mowing devices , trimmings or cuts, we can find one-handed garden secateurs. We will use them to trim individual twigs and shrubs. Ideally suited for these "branches" up to a thickness of about 3 centimeters. Scissors secateurs are suitable for pruning these younger, green shoots as a smooth cut will not crush the plants. Hedge shears, on the other hand, are characterized by a stronger cut, they guarantee a firm grip and comfortable trimming of hedges. All secateurs from our offer are characterized by durability and ergonomic shapes that facilitate garden work.

Garden secateurs a well-known manufacturer - Geko

In Geko secateurs, the handles of the secateurs are made of polypropylene, which gives us a firm and comfortable grip even with wet and slippery hands. The blades are made of HCS steel that guarantees precise and even cutting. The store's offer also includes articulated secateurs for branches. They will be used for trimming the thickest branches. Thanks to the long handles, all the strength of the arms can be used for cutting. Geko garden secateurs are tools that combine high quality with attractive prices. You can successfully use them for trimming, twigs, branches and hedges. They will be used for cutting quite small shoots, as well as definitely thicker branches. Durable metals, handles made of appropriate foam, all this makes the tools comfortable in the hand and allows for comfortable work.


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